3 Needs To Love Glass Stairs

It’s not tough to see why glass staircases, in specific glazed side panels, have actually become so popular in recent times. As new-build homes seem to get smaller and smaller, and increasing costs force lots of buyers to go for decently sized properties, home owners are finding imaginative methods to make the very best of what area they have.

Using glass rather of wood or metal in your stair banisters can bring a number of benefits:


The hallway is often the darkest part of the house, which isn’t perfect for making an excellent first impression on visitors. A conventional staircase balustrade, consisting of a hand rails and base rail linked by wooden or metal spindles (likewise called balusters), will contribute to the gloom by blocking precious natural light. Using glass panels as the banister infill will quickly lighten up the space by motivating light to flow more freely.


It’s amazing the method glass can make a room feel a lot bigger. A transparent balustrade offers little or no barrier to the eye, increasing the sense of area. This is particularly useful for staircases situated in a living or dining-room, as clear panels make the structure seem less obtrusive.


Glass is much favoured by interior designers at the minute, and will suit nearly any age of property. It can improve the feel and look of a modern home, improving its modern qualifications and bringing it bang up to this day. At the other end of the age scale, glass can provide a fascinating twist to a duration house. A dark home with beamed ceilings and little windows, for example, can be cheered up and made more appealing by changing solid wooden balusters with light-enhancing glass panels.

Which type of glass should you select?

Great quality glazed panels need to be made from strengthened shatterproof glass a minimum of 8mm, and ideally 10mm, thick. Big single panels will develop the most impact and permit maximum light flow. These usually need to be made to measure, so be prepared to wait a bit longer and pay a bit more than for standard sizes. Installation can be complicated, and is finest delegated professionals. Small panels are less snazzy, however more flexible and often the best choice for awkward layouts. They can likewise be integrated with wooden or metal spindles if preferred.

How is the glass fitted?

Depending on the staircase style and individual taste, you can generally select whether to fix the panels to the balustrade with metal clamps (either on top and bottom or at each side) or slot them into pre-cut grooves in the hand rails and base rail. It is in some cases likewise possible to connect the panels to the hand rails just, without using a base rail, so that the glass is suspended just above the steps. From an aesthetic viewpoint, fitting the panels straight into the wood banisters results in a cleaner summary, however some people prefer the modern appearance of shiny metal clamps, or brackets. These are frequently discovered in a chrome or brushed nickel surface. You can also utilize stainless-steel discs if you’re after an especially striking design.

Which hand rails?

Wood handrails are the most popular, and the most comfortable to use. A low profile (little and narrow) style will produce the most streamlined, modern-day impact, whereas a chunkier style might be preferable for duration homes. Metal hand rails complement glass for a contemporary look, and can be connected using brackets or grooves.

Exactly what about other glass stair parts?

Treads and risers are both readily available in glass. Treads can be made in a variety of densities, typically between 20mm and 40mm. The glass must be strengthened and laminated for extra strength, and include a non-slip surface. Glass risers are growing in popularity too. They can be fitted to the back of glazed treads or, more uncommonly, to wood ones. This is guaranteed to produce the wow element, letting light shine through the steps while keeping the security benefits of a closed tread staircase.

Summing up

When it concerns creating a light and airy feel in your home, glass stairs are ideal – and the panels are readily available in such a wide variety of sizes and shapes that there’s a likelihood of finding something to fit your specific situations. Just keep a cloth handy after setup, as smudges and finger prints might spoil the effect of your stunning new staircase.

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